Expressive Arts Training
"Our psyche, or soul, is embedded in the Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World."
C.J. Jung

Psychotherapy, the practice of attending the soul, fosters growth and healing, insight, transformation and a deepened relationship with self, other and spirit, within a safe and nurturing therapeutic relationship.

You may be seeking help in coping with a protracted difficulty, an overwhelming change, or a new dilemma. Or you may be seeking psychotherapy out of a deep desire for more fulfilling and meaningful relationships in different dimensions of your life - with yourself or your loved ones, your work or creative pursuits, with the natural world or the sacred.

Together, we will invite and welcome every facet of your experience – inner and outer, past and present – into a spacious, empathic and non-judging awareness which transforms and heals, and encourages reaching deeper into your own essence of peace and joy, which you already are.

As a body-oriented Jungian psychotherapist and expressive arts therapist working with individual adults and couples, I weave together depth psychology, transpersonal psychology and somatic awareness. If desired, I will guide you in engaging in sand play, embodied dream work, movement and other forms of creative expression, adding to our verbal explorations these non-verbal imaginative languages which allow you to “speak” in color, movement and images.
See also Expressive Arts and the Healing of the Soul - Creative Expression in Psychotherapy.

I bring to the therapeutic relationship 20 years of experience and knowledge and an open, empathic and accepting presence, in which you can feel safe enough to undertake this journey of transformation, healing and of a deeper home-coming.

I believe that the relationship we develop will help you gain a renewed sense of aliveness and meaning and a growing ability for intimacy and joyful, creative engagement with yourself and your loved ones, with your own pursuits, with others and with the earth.


Sophia Reinders, PhD, MFT, REAT
(415) 931-9507


3527 Sacramento Street
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