Expressive Arts Training
  Verbal psychotherapy can be enriched with creative, non-verbal expressions, such as movement, drawing or painting, toning, sand play, enactment and active imagination. These creative modalities invite deeper, imaginative levels of the psyche to "speak". They awaken and integrate all aspects of self: body, mind, imagination, emotions and spirit. Where desirable, they may deepen the therapeutic process of healing and transformation in its unfolding within the safety and acceptance of the therapeutic relationship.

Some of the articles chosen below illustrate creative holistic approaches within Jungian psychotherapy; others show how creative expression can also be woven into the practice of Yoga as a practice of mindfulness and holistic growth.



Expressive Arts and the Healing of the Soul -
Creative Expression in Psychotherapy. By Sophia Reinders

Marin CAMFT Connections, January/February 2010.

Expressive Arts and the Ecological Self:
Reawakening the Wild Heart of Being. By Sophia Reinders

International Association of Expressive Arts Therapy, Volume 1, 2008.

Expressive Arts, Psyche and World:
Celebrating a Deeper Belonging. By Sophia Reinders

In Praise of Poiesis - The Arts and Human Existence
A Festschrift for Stephen K. Levine, Toronto, EGS Press, 2008.

Expressive Arts, Body World and Spirit -
A Meditation on the Creative Gesture and its Essence. By Sophia Reinders

International Association of Expressive Arts Therapy, Volume 2, 2007.

Alchemical Cauldron of Transformation. By Sophia Reinders
Yoga 4 EveryBody: April 2005.

Yoga and the Emotions - Jungian Psychology and Yoga.
Interview with Sophia Reiinders.

Yoga 4 EveryBody: October 2004.


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